Monday April 25, 2016

Embeddeding Traffic Lights In Sidewalks So Smartphone Users Don’t Have To Look Up

Have things really come to this? Embeddeding traffic lights in sidewalks so idiots don’t have to pay attention to their surroundings? What ever happened to thinning the herd through natural selection? Oh well, at least I learned what the word "smombies" meant. wink

The city has attempted to solve that problem by installing new traffic lights embedded in the pavement آ— so that pedestrians constantly looking down at their phones won't miss them. "It creates a whole new level of attention," city spokeswoman Stephanie Lermen was quoted as saying. Lermen thinks the money is wisely spent: A recent survey conducted in several European cities, including Berlin, found that almost 20 percent of pedestrians were distracted by their smartphones. Younger people are most likely to risk their safety for a quick look at their Facebook profiles or WhatsApp messages, the survey found.