Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday April 25, 2016

Chinese Tech CEO Says Apple Is Outdated

You know things are getting rough for Apple when even China thinks Apple's style is outdated and product design is obsolete. What is the world coming to when China doesn't want to copy your products anymore because they are outdated and obsolete?

Jia is chief executive and chairman of Chinese conglomerate LeEco (formerly LeTV), which is best known for being the "Netflix of China," but has a product range that includes smartphones, televisions, mountain bikes and, most recently, electric vehicles. Last week LeEco launched the self-driving, smart LeSEE supercar, designed to rival Tesla's Model X. In the latest evolution of the "LeEco ecosystem," Jia hopes to sell content, including movies, TV shows and music to LeSEE drivers.