Sunday April 24, 2016

AMD’s Project Quantum Isn’t Dead

AMD’s little, liquid-cooled, two-tower PC is supposedly coming back and is expected by some to beat out Steam Machines.

AMD postponed Project Quantum for two major reasons. The internal decision to market the Radeon Duo Pro, not as a purely gaming product, but as a professional high performance solution. The lack of a high performance AMD CPU and Motherboard solution (the original Project Quantum uses an AsRock Motherboard) that could accompany the powerful dual GPU. Things will change with the arrival of AMD’s high performance x86 architecture: Zen. Not only is the uArch fully capable of handling high performance loads it is expected to offer competition to Intel counterparts. Add that to the fact that AMD could swap in a 14nm FinFET based Vega GPU and you have yourself one hell of a killer combo آ– and one that is pure AMD for that matter.