Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday April 19, 2016

Lawful Access, Corporate Citizenship And Doing What’s Right

John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry, has made a blog post explaining his company's stance on cooperating with the authorities when lawfully compelled to do so. What do you think of this situation? How is it different from the iPhone case?

When it comes to doing the right thing in difficult situations, BlackBerry’s guiding principle has been to do what is right for the citizenry, within legal and ethical boundaries. We have long been clear in our stance that tech companies as good corporate citizens should comply with reasonable lawful access requests. I have stated before that we are indeed in a dark place when companies put their reputations above the greater good. This very belief was put to the test in an old case that recently resurfaced in the news, which speculated on and challenged BlackBerry’s corporate and ethical principles. In the end, the case resulted in a major criminal organization being dismantled.