Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday April 19, 2016

Apple Hires Former Tesla VP Of Vehicle Engineering

It would seem that Tesla and Apple are swapping employees again. Tesla's VP of Vehicle Engineering has been hired by Apple to work on "special projects." Does this mean we can finally confirm Apple is developing the iCar?

Tesla’s senior engineering staff and leadership are full of former Apple directors and VPs, while the Cupertino-based company hired quite a few former Tesla engineers, but rarely any senior leadershipآ… until now. Electrek, in collaboration with our sister-site 9to5Mac, has exclusively discovered and confirmed respectively that Apple hired former Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and former Aston Martin Chief Engineer, Chris Porritt, to work on "special projects", and we know that "special projects" is where Apple’s Titan car project lives.