Friday April 15, 2016

How Brown University’s VR Yurt Gives an Inside Look at Everything from Art to Arteries

The Ivy League school in Providence, R.I., is putting the finishing touches on its new YURT (Yurt Ultimate Reality Theater), a cylindrical virtual reality space that transports users into wholly immersive 3D visual landscapes آ— from archaeological digs to close-up tours of human anatomy. With an outer shape much like that of the traditional shelter of Central Asia’s steppes, Brown’s YURT has an eight-foot radius and conical ceiling. Inside, it projects high-resolution imagery onto the walls, floor and ceiling for complete wrap-around immersion. Some 69 projectors are powered by a 20-node cluster, with each node running four GPUs. They combine with 145 mirrors and 1.3 miles of video cable to produce an astounding 100 million pixels.