Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday April 13, 2016

AMD A10-7890K, A10-7860K, and Athlon X4 880K Review

The crew at LanOC have the AMD A10-7890K, A10-7860K, and Athlon X4 880K strapped to the test bench today. The results were mixed overall, with pricing being a plus and performance versus Intel processors being a minus.

About two months ago AMD did a large product line refresh that focused around the newly introduced Wraith Cooler, at the time we took a look at the cooler. Then closer to our LAN event they sent out samples for some of the other CPUs and APUs introduced. In their FM2+ mainstream line they refreshed the Kaveri APUs as well as an Athlon X4 CPU. Well with our LAN event keeping my schedule tied up I’m just now finally getting a chance to see what the new A10-7860K sample and Athlon X4 880K that they sent out a that time.