Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday April 12, 2016

HGST Delivers Flexible Scaling Object Storage System for Anytime, Anywhere Access to Data

Helping the world harness the power of data, Western Digital Corporation today announced immediate worldwide availability of the new object storage-based HGST Active Archive System, SA-1000 model. Targeted for media and entertainment digital data preservation, life sciences data pools, and cloud backup, the HGST SA-1000 enables smaller object storage footprints with easy-to-manage building blocks to scale capacity as needed. Software enhancements have been added, including scale-up, scale-out, clustering, and end-to-end security features for all HGST Active Archive Systems.

With the ability to scale from 672 terabytes (TB) to 28 petabytes (PB) of total capacity geo-dispersed across three data centers in a single namespace, the SA-1000 brings dramatic deployment flexibility to customers wanting to start small, and scale as they grow. Cloud-scale data durability, secure data manageability, multi-geo data dispersion for wide-open access to data, and easy disaster recovery give enterprises the competitive advantage needed to tackle the challenges of storing, analyzing, and monetizing enormous amounts of unstructured data.