Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday April 12, 2016

Authorities Shut Down Linux Server Botnet

Thanks to the efforts of these hard working researchers, the six year old, 4,000-strong Mumblehard botnet has been taken down. The crooks have been hijacking unsuspecting Linux servers, turning them into spam machines, since early 2010.

One year after the release of the technical analysis of the Mumblehard Linux botnet, we are pleased to report that it is no longer active. ESET, in cooperation with the Cyber Police of Ukraine and CyS Centrum LLC, have taken down the Mumblehard botnet, stopping all its spamming activities since February 29th, 2016. ESET is operating a sinkhole server for all known Mumblehard components. We are sharing the sinkhole data with CERT-Bund, which is taking care of notifying the affected parties around the world through their national CERTs.