Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday April 11, 2016

Violent Video Games Eventually Lose Their Ability To Make Gamers Feel Guilty

Researchers from the University at Buffalo have published the results of a new study that claims violent video games eventually lose their ability to produce guilt in gamers. I'm not sure how the study was conducted or who the participants were, but maybe "gamers" know that a game is just a game. I think it is pretty easy to see that someone that doesn't play video games might feel bad about shooting aliens or running over pedestrians in a video game, while someone that plays GTA V all day couldn't care less about either. wink

The findings provide the first experimental evidence that repeatedly playing the same violent game reduces emotional responses آ— like guilt آ— not only to the original game, but to other violent video games as well. Yet why this is happening remains a mystery, according to Matthew Grizzard, assistant professor of communication and principal investigator of the study published in current issue of the journal "Media Psychology," with co-authors Ron Tamborini and John L. Sherry of Michigan State University and Renأ© Weber of the University of California Santa Barbara.