Sunday April 10, 2016

The First Web Browser With Real Potential To Be Better Than Chrome?

I gave this a quick spin the other day and liked the aesthetics and myriad options but felt that loading speeds seemed slower than competing browsers.

Vivaldi was created by a team led by Opera Software cofounder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and the level of polish shown in their just-released first version is quite impressive. Among other things, I’ve never had the level of customization on a browser than what I’ve seen on Vivaldi so far. Do you like having your tabs at the bottom or sides of the page instead of the top? Vivaldi can do that. Would you like the ability to open and close new tabs using only gestures? It’s got you covered there as well. Or maybe you’d like to have the ability to close tabs just by double clicking آ— you guessed it, Vivaldi can do that as well.