Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday April 09, 2016

17 Million Netflix Subscribers To See Price Increase Next Month

I think that Netflix is still a great deal even at $9.99. What would actually piss me off is if they start introducing commercials, which some say is inevitable.

In May 2014, Netflix began to raise the price of its standard streaming plan for new subscribers, first to $8.99 a month, then to $9.99 a month last October. Existing subscribers, however, were grandfathered in at $7.99 a month for the two-stream, "HD" quality plan. But those days will soon be over. Next month, these grandfathered customers will begin to be moved up to $9.99 for the standard plan. Analysts at UBS have estimated that this change will end up affecting about 37% of US subscribers, or 17 million people.