Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday April 07, 2016

Amazon Fines Company $5,000 For Using Packing Peanuts

I know what you are thinking, everyone hates packing peanuts and any company that uses them SHOULD be fined $5,000. I'm not arguing with that, I just didn't know Amazon imposed fines like this for violating its seller terms. If you think about it, the company probably would have been better off using crumpled one dollar bills to ship its product. eek!

Last week, the retailer emailed Doheny a picture of the open box, saying the kind of packing peanuts he used weren't allowed at their facility. It said he could use other things like shrink wrap, air filled pillows or crumpled paper. "Crumpled up paper? Then you're wasting trees," Doheny said. Two days later, he got another email slapping him with a $4,200 fine for not complying with the rules. On Wednesday, they tacked on another $900 for a shipment he'd already sent.