Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday April 06, 2016

GamePolitics Closing Its Doors

The Managing Editor of GamePolitics announced today that, after six years, the site is closing down. Most of you will remember GamePolitics' coverage of Jack Thompson and his crusade against violent video games or the countless times they took on politicians with an agenda. RIP GamePolitics, let's all hope everyone lands on their feet.

I’m proud of the last six years I’ve spent here at GamePolitics because I got to bear witness to the site’s mission being accomplished; the harshest critics of video games were silenced (Jack Thompson) or jailed (Leland Yee), and the politicians who were so quick to condemn violent video games and the industry’s ratings system (Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, etc.) have given up and moved on in the wake of the landmark Brown v. EMA Supreme Court decision. Sure, there are other challenges facing the industry and consumers in general, but the big bad foozles are now a distant memory.