Monday April 04, 2016

Doom Multiplayer Beta Previews

Now that the DOOM multiplayer beta has come and gone, the previews are coming in from around the internet. Some reviews say that something just doesn't feel right about the game while others say even though they really liked it, at the same time, they also share the opinion that the game needs work before launch day.

But the biggest problem is that none of this feels like a DOOM game, or an iD game. A friend of mine was right when he warned that the game feels آ— and plays آ— like one of those indie shooters "inspired by the greats of the 1990’s". So far, this DOOM doesn’t feel like one of the greats. It feels like a pretender. And with just over a month until release, I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that there’s something I haven’t seen that changes that.