Wednesday March 30, 2016

Who Will Unlock Murder Victim's iPhones?

Now that the FBI has successfully unlocked the iPhone used in the San Bernardino case, what will happen in situations like this? In this case, it's the victims family that is looking for help unlocking the phone. Apple has helped a little and the FBI says it is "committed to help" but nothing has been done so far. Who should be helping in situations like this?

The question of who shot Brittney Mills is wide open. And the answer could be locked up in an iPhone آ— her iPhone. Unlike in the San Bernardino case, this iPhone's owner is the victim, not the perpetrator. But like that case, investigators are not able to enter the phone. It's an iPhone 5s, running on the iOS 8 operating system, so the data inside are encrypted. And no one can get in without the password.