Sunday March 27, 2016

Big Leak Claims Nintendo NX Is More Powerful Than PS4

I heard that the Nintendo NX has a Titan X, will make you breakfast in bed, and drive you to work. The controller, whatever it looks like, will let you control the thoughts of people around you.

Now we’ve got another set of leaks coming from reddit, once again from someone claiming to be a AAA developer with access to the Nintendo NX development kit. They’re claiming that the controllers don’t really look like the two hoaxes from last week (a safeish bet), that the console will be more powerful than the PS4, and that it has some of those same second screen mechanics that served the Wii U oh so well. Overall, however, the post says that the console leans more traditional than the Wii U, echoing desires cropping up across the video game blogosphere. No verification, of course.