Sunday March 27, 2016

Audi R8 Wins 2016 World Performance Car Award

What’s up with the grille? Will sports cars look like speeding Bluetooth speakers in the future?

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The big reveal was the world premiere of the R8 Spyderآ—a roofless version of the V10 supercar that looked rather good under the lights in its bright yellow paint. The Spyder was joined by three other R8s: a couple of the souped-up R8 V10 Plus models (identifiable via the naked carbon fiber rear wing and other carbon fiber addenda) and a "regular" R8 V10آ—if any car with 540 hp (397kW) capable of 199mph (320km/h) can be said to be regular. And the R8 took home some honors, winning the title of 2016's World Performance Car.