Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday March 24, 2016

Company Tears Down Wrong Home, Blames Google Maps

What do you get for surviving a direct hit from a tornado? A demolition company tearing down your home while you are waiting on your insurance company to fix it. The kicker? The company blames Google Maps.

A demolition company mistakenly tore down a duplex in Rowlett at 7601 Calypso Drive on Tuesday. But the address of the intended work was a block away at 7601 Cousteau Drive. The demolition company, Billy L. Nabors Demolition of Seagoville, was supposed to tear down a home one block away at 7601 Cousteau Drive. The Nabors employee later texted photos from Google Maps that shows the arrow for 7601 Cousteau pointing at Diaz and Cutter’s duplex a block away.