Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday March 19, 2016

Crystal Skull Writer To Pen Indiana Jones 5

Well, David Koepp also wrote Jurassic Park, so maybe not all is lost. And is Indy just going to be sitting in a university all day? Ford will be 77 when the film comes out.

Plot details are being kept secure in the Well of the Souls. It is unclear if Koepp is working off any existing treatment or story. Crystal Skull, for example, had treatments written by Indiana Jones co-creator George Lucas and the story credit went to Lucas and Jeff Nathanson, the latter of whom wrote several drafts. Lucas' involvement in the new movie project remains unclear. He was not mentioned in Disney's announcement this week, and if the new Star Wars movies are any indication, he will not be involved. (He was vocal in saying Force Awakens did not use his ideas.)