Friday March 18, 2016

ASUS Announces Echelon GTX 950

ASUS today announced Echelon GTX 950, a limited-edition gaming graphics card with unstoppable performance, military-grade quality and reliability, and stunning arctic camouflage coloring on both the card and backplate. Powered by the NVIDIAآ® GeForceآ® GTXآ™ 950 graphics processing unit (GPU) آ— clocked at 1329MHz آ— Echelon GTX 950 delivers up to 10% faster performance than reference cards in the 3DMark 11 (Extreme) benchmark.

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Echelon GTX 950 features ASUS-exclusive DirectCU II cooling technology and a dual-ball-bearing fan for 20% cooler performance and a 4X-longer lifespan than reference cards. Industry-first Auto-Extreme fully automated production technology, TUF Components, and rigorous server-level testing ensure premium quality and military-grade reliability for tough, dependable service.