Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday March 17, 2016

Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

Honestly, I have never seen a case of Windows 10 automatically installing itself that wasn't user error. Have any of you? I hate the fact that I am one of the millions that upgraded to Windows 10 just to stop the nagging, but I don't buy the whole "Windows 10 magically auto-installed itself on my PC" thing.

That 15-minute warning/opt-out prompt usually steals focus from whatever you’re doing, by the way, but every once in a while it might be not be able to minimise a game, you might click away by mistake or a bunch of other things which mean you simply don’t see it. And then bam, a sudden restart and Windows 10 starts installing. I.e. while Microsoft might argue everyone gets fair warning and the chance to decline the upgrade, the reality is that this can go wrong.