Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday March 15, 2016

Lindsay Lohan's GTA V Lawsuit Gets Ugly

Somebody please explain to me how the hell this case hasn't been dismissed by now? That tweet by Ned Luke was pretty damn funny though. Lohan will no doubt try to sue him next.

Days later, Rockstar fired back with the suggestion that Lohan filed the lawsuit "for publicity purposes". The developer quickly asked for the case to be dismissed and pushed for Lohan to pay the company's legal fees for dealing with the matter. But the actress refused to back down, and added a 45-page dossier of GTA5 advertising and promotional images featuring the Lacey Jonas character plastered across billboards and buses, T-shirts, posters and coffee mugs. Lohan's lawyers have pointed to GTA5's disc artwork which features Jonas prominently.