Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday March 11, 2016

Wi-Fi Hotspot Blocking Persists Despite FCC Crackdown

It's hard to believe that hotels across the country are still pulling this crap on their customers. You'd think all those big ass fines the FCC is handing out for Wi-Fi hotspot blocking would a deterrent, but I guess not. frown

Big name hospitality outfits, from Sheraton to Motel 6, were named, with one person describing a Motel 6 Wi-Fi network in Denver as acting "like a virusآ… [It] would not remain disconnected" and allow the patron to use his or her hotspot. A handful of Marriott locations were fingered by consumers well after the FCC levied its fine. One consumer argued that Marriott blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots is an infringement on freedom of speech, as "forcing me to use their system allows them to block me from sites (say Hilton’s website) that they don’t like."