Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday March 10, 2016

NVIDIA Awarded VMware’s Global Technical Partner of the Year

NVIDIA has been named VMware’s "Global Technical Partner of the Year," as well as its "European Regional Technical Partner of the Year." NVIDIA and VMware have been close partners in delivering the next generation in end-user computing. NVIDIA GRID and VMware Horizon dramatically transform how companies can deliver amazing graphics from the cloud or data center in order to support collaboration among global design and engineering teams and their suppliers.

At VMworld last fall we launched GRID 2.0. We continued to deepen our partnership in February, announcing NVIDIA GRID acceleration of Blast Extreme, a new protocol for optimizing the mobile cloud, now supported in VMware Horizon 7. Our partnership represents the most reliable, end-to-end solution for rich, high-performance graphics on the market today. It enables companies to collaborate on any device, anywhere, with reduced latency and increased user experience, without sacrificing corporate data and intellectual property. Our joint customers, including the University of Massachusetts, Populous, Legacy Reserves and Meridian Technology Center, are already seeing the increased value that VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID can deliver.