Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday March 06, 2016

Android And Chrome Should Talk To Each Other

Anyone who uses apps like Pushbullet would probably agree with this article. It is surprising to me that Google does not have some kind of app, extension, or other built-in functionality that bridges Android and Chrome.

Pushbullet shows that there's an obvious way for Google to match آ— and even beat آ— Apple's iPhone-to-Mac Continuity feature: Chrome. Google may not have a widely used desktop operating system, but it does have a widely used browser (which, yes, is also sometimes an operating system). Chrome is on OS X, Windows, and Linux. According to NetMarketShare, it's used on just over one-third of desktop computers, second only to Internet Explorer. So Google could give Android phone owners the same type of experience that Continuity does, and it wouldn't even matter what computer they're using. They'd just have to use Chrome.