Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday March 05, 2016

DisplayPort 1.4 Can Drive 8K Monitors Over USB Type-C

I believe that HDMI 2.0, in comparison, tops out at 4K 60Hz. It remains to be seen just how well DSC’s compression is and whether image quality differences are truly imperceptible, however.

The new standard drives higher-resolution displays with better color support using Display Stream Compression (DSC), a "visually lossless" form of compression that VESA says "enables up to [a] 3:1 compression ratio." This data compression, among other things, allows DisplayPort 1.4 to drive 60Hz 8K displays and 120Hz 4K displays with HDR "deep color" over both DisplayPort and USB Type-C cables (note that DisplayPort 1.4 doesn't add USB Type-C support; the two have been compatible from the beginning thanks to the USB Alternate Mode spec). USB Type-C cables can provide a USB 3.0 data connection, too.