Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday March 03, 2016

Video Capture & Editing Guide

The crew at Overclockers Club has put together a video capture and editing guide that should help most of you get started capturing and editing your own videos.

I covered quite a bit and there is even more I could cover. I also have a batch file for making GIFs, renaming, scaling, and converting the screenshots I take, cropping videos, burning arbitrary text onto a video, burning the timecode, concatenating videos, changing the volume, and the terrifying SplitScreen.bat file. (I pass it two videos, tell it if I want the split to be horizontal or vertical and if I want the 'screens' to mirror each other or be half-and-half, and by magic it actually works.) I think this is enough for you to get started with your own capturing and editing experiments, so have fun!