Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday March 02, 2016

Spintires Blowout آ– Fake Update Crashes Game

It looks like there is currently a bit of controversy in the Spintires community. Game publisher Oovee is claiming that an unauthorized update via Steam is causing the game to crash minutes after launch. No one really knows who, what, where or why but that isn't stopping the rumors from flying. Hit the link for all the info and a link to a current user-made hotfix.

Speaking unofficially, a forum moderator has tried calming the waves with candor, noting that an examination of the unauthorized update’s code indicates it "behaves like a timebomb" but that they are not sure if that was the update’s intent or a byproduct of something else. It hasn’t helped that a similar bug took down the game back in February 2015, leading one gamer to ask if this wasn’t Zagrebelnyy’s "layoff countermeasure".

*UPDATE* The game's creator has issued a statement claiming:

But there is in fact a time-related bug (a self-check uses time functions to see if game wasn’t cracked by pirates) which was not fixed in time (because we have little to no communicating with Oovee.)

Game publisher Oovee weighed in with the following:

We believe we have now identified the problem and are now testing at this very moment a hot fix provided by Pavel, who is also ready to help further if needed. We’re fully focused now on making the game work properly again, so please allow us to get this sorted first and we’ll then be able to explain what has caused this and then carry on with future updates we have planned."

Thanks to Blade-Runner for the heads up.