Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday March 02, 2016

Coleco Chameleon Kickstarter Over Before It Even Begins

Remember that Coleco branded cartridge-based retro console we showed you just before Christmas last year? Well, it looks like there is enough controversy over the project that Coleco has stepped in and asked for a working prototype within the next seven days or it is pulling its name from the project. eek!

HOWEVER, in order to confirm or debase these concerns, Coleco has demanded to inspect the prototype units within a seven day time frame. At which time, independent engineers will review their findings and determine if those units are up to our standards. We will report some or all of those findings to the community so as long as they do not interfere with proprietary information. We remain hopeful that the community's concerns are merely speculations, but if there is merit to the concerns, then we have no choice but to abandon the project rather than release a sub-par product.