Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday February 28, 2016

Google Seeks New Disks For Data Centers

Google doesn't believe that current hard drive offerings are ideal for cloud-based storage. For this purpose, the company hopes for new disk technologies that prioritize collection, rather than capacity or performance.

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The rise of cloud-based storage means that most (spinning) hard disks will be deployed primarily as part of large storage services housed in data centers. Such services are already the fastest growing market for disks and will be the majority market in the near future. For example, for YouTube alone, users upload over 400 hours of video every minute, which at one gigabyte per hour requires more than one petabyte (1M GB) of new storage every day or about 100x the Library of Congress. As shown in the graph, this continues to grow exponentially, with a 10x increase every five years.