Sunday February 28, 2016

Dota 2 Host Fired By Gabe Newell Tries To Explain Himself

I am no expert at Dota 2 nor eSports, but my take is that Valve wants a clean, professional actآ—yet that doesn’t correlate with the actual attitude of the fan base and its promoters. Gabe seemed annoyed enough to publicize this personally on reddit.

It’s hard to evaluate Harding’s view of events given that Valve have offered so little detail about their reasoning behind his firing, beyond Newell’s Reddit post. Watching the panel segments from the two days that Harding hosted, there are certainly a lot of things that Valve could have found objectionable: Harding was also fairly provocative throughout his time with the tournament, from his bizarre opening segment to his repeated declarations that he no longer follows nor knows anything about Dota, which could read as disdainful or indifferent toward the event he was supposed to be covering.