Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday February 25, 2016

How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis

I knew it! Electric cars will be the downfall of society. There will be mayhem in the streets and the only way to escape will be your crappy little electric car and a really long extension cord. The rest of us meat eaters will be driving gas guzzling murder machines ala Mad Max. wink

But here’s what we know: In the next few years, Tesla, Chevy, and Nissan plan to start selling long-range electric cars in the $30,000 range. Other carmakers and tech companies are investing billions on dozens of new models. By 2020, some of these will cost less and perform better than their gasoline counterparts. The aim would be to match the success of Tesla’s Model S, which now outsells its competitors in the large luxury class in the U.S. The question then is how much oil demand will these cars displace? And when will the reduced demand be enough to tip the scales and cause the next oil crisis?