Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday February 21, 2016

Schools Are Turning Old PCs Into Speedy Chromebooks

Chromebooks have been a great success in the education sector. Startups like Neverware, which offer software that allows Chromium to work on old PCs, have made Google’s OS more practical than ever for classrooms.

آ…Davenport’s repository consisted of eight- to 10-year-old Dell desktops and laptops he had robbed of RAM and other components to help speed up or repair machines used by teachers. "We are left with these mismatched parts." And yet, when he set the machines up to run Neverware’s Cloud Ready version of Chromium, they outperformed newer Windows machines the school was using. "If you are comparing what we used to run, Chrome and Neverware is a better experience for the end user."