Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday February 21, 2016

HTC Vive Will Cost $799, Ships Early April

If you thought the Oculus Rift was expensive, HTC has just revealed that their headset will cost $200 more. The higher cost, however, may be justified because it actually comes with two unique controllers, not just an Xbox one.

The consumer version of the Vive includes pretty much everything we saw from the Vive Pre back at CES, with the addition of a more ergonomic headstrap design and other tweaks to make it fit more people. HTC also announced a new feature called Vive Phone Services, which lets you send and receive calls, text messages and check on your calendar without taking off the VR headset. There's also a front-facing camera that makes you aware of objects in front of you, and the Vive's wireless controllers have also been improved from last year with dual-stage triggers.