Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday February 20, 2016

Meet The Lens-Less FlatCam

Voyeurs will be happy to know that engineers are designing a type of flat-camera technology that can capture sharp images without the help of a lens. While the image quality is not great, they imagine it will improve and we may see everything from flexible cameras to entire walls that can shoot images in the future.

Camera technology has improved dramatically in the past decades, but one thing about even the newest cameras has stayed constant: They all have lenses. Now, that's changing. Engineers in Texas are building a camera that can make a sharp image with no lens at all. Why would you want such a camera? Richard Baraniuk, a professor of computer and electrical engineering at Rice University, says lenses make a camera bulky. He and his colleagues wanted to build a camera that could fit into spaces where traditional cameras could never go.