Sunday February 14, 2016

Life-Size BB-8 Available This Year For $179

Those of you who got the Sphero version may have a little buyer’s remorse now that there’s a much larger version, which happens to be priced similarly. I’m sure this would be perfect for pissing your cat off.

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BB-8 has already had a number of miniature models released, but they pale in comparison to the full-size model shown by Spin Master at the Toy Fair this year. The toy looks and sounds exactly like BB-8 does in the movie, and the team is working closely with Lucasfilm to get everything right. Not only can you control BB-8 with a controller آ— which looked very smooth آ— you can also use voice commands. The droid can detect which directions sounds come from and is able to act on different commands, like "BB-8, come here," where it will look at you and move toward you.