Friday February 12, 2016

Introducing Cerberus, The SFF mATX Chassis From Kimera Industries

What started out as sketches and mockups in our forums almost two years ago, has blossomed into a fully functional mATX small form factor chassis. The crew at Kimera Industries just announced Cerberus, an 18L mATX enclosure designed for the enthusiast crowd. Follow the link for a complete list of specifications and features as well as information on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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News Image News Image News Image

Originating in a thread on HardForum, Cerberus was at first a build log and project created by a frustrated enthusiast, who found existing cases on the market to be bulky and poorly designed. Although Cerberus's humble beginnings included little more than sketches and mockups, the enclosure would eventually transform into a collaboration between designer and audience, as more and more people began following and contributing to the project. Eventually, the collection of comments and feedback from an engaged enthusiast community would yield Cerberus's final design: a mATX enclosure that was portable, yet remarkably flexible; beautiful, yet completely functional.