Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday February 10, 2016

The Maximus VIII Formula Turns 10

2016 marks ten years of ROG. When we formed the ROG brand in 2006, DFI and ABIT had enjoyed reasonable success catering to enthusiasts. However, these companies operated with limited resources; the motherboards of the era were complicated to use and buggy, which limited their appeal. Consumers were looking for motherboards that made performance readily available, without complications. The modding scene had also grown, so aesthetics were becoming increasingly important. We saw a gap in the market and put additional resources behind our R&D and BIOS teams to create a range of motherboards for various segments of the enthusiast community. We started out by introducing models aimed at the top-end of the enthusiast market. These models were well-received by end-users and media alike. The next step was to distil key features of the high-end models down to a lower price point.

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In 2007, the Maximus Formula series joined the ROG motherboard stack. The Formula’s role was to fill a hole between mainstream gamers and extreme enthusiasts; many of the overclocking features of the Extreme series were distilled down to the Formula, albeit with a tilt towards air and water cooling, rather than phase change or LN2. As there was a distinct attempt to lure gamers, the board also shipped with a dedicated soundcard that mitigated the noise issues associated with onboard audio. The first Maximus Formula iteration laid a solid foundation for the future, with plenty of room for improvement. Obviously, the brand was still in its infancy; the de-facto red and black theme that later become synonymous with ROG wasn’t yet employed. Back then, ROG aesthetics were centred around copper colored heatsinks, an uninspiring logo, and classic blue/white ASUS color theme.

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