Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday February 08, 2016

Hacker Posts Info On Thousands Of Homeland Security Employees

Hackers posted the Department of Homeland Security's staff directory that contains the title, name, email address, and phone number of more than nine thousand employees on Twitter yesterday. The group also posted the details on 20,000 FBI employees earlier today. frown

The US government has yet another security breach on its hands. Late yesterday, a Twitter account posted a Department of Homeland Security staff directory containing names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers and more for over 9,000 employees. "This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza, This is for the child that is searching for an answer," the post read. What's more, the hacker claims they have details on 20,000 FBI employees and plan to leak those next.