Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday February 06, 2016

Is Steve Ballmer The Unsung Hero Of Microsoft’s Resurgence?

This editorial argues that Microsoft is still very much what it was under Ballmer’s leadership, despite Satya Nadella’s "recalibrations."

آ…despite Nadella's eschewing of that mantra and repositioning the company as "mobile first, cloud first," Microsoft still looks a lot like the company Steve Ballmer left behind: bursting with hardware inspiration that’s leading a once reluctant, usually monolithic and boring OEM contingent into a new era. Just look at the improved hybrid hardware from Dell, HP, Lenovo and even Asus. Moreover, Dell and HP have agreed do the unthinkable: resell and support Microsoft Surface in the enterprise. And Apple made the iPad Pro, a conspicuous Surface follower.