Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday February 05, 2016

Custom Lego Computer Chassis

This is not even close to the first time we have seen this done, but Mike Schropp over at TotalGeekdom has put together one of the most elegant Lego computer chassis examples I have ever seen. Typically the builders go with a bit of an overbright or corny look. Mike has not done that at all. I like this guy because he has gone beyond just putting bricks around his components, but also is custom re-building some of his components to work better in his system. Build you own PC in seconds at PC Hound, don't think you can prebuy a Lego case though you lazy bastard!

My thinking therefore took a turn to the "what ifآ…" What if the design of the case was built to try to match the hardware better, to be more efficient in its packaging and system cooling? So I started looking into where improvements could be made. The thing that really stood out to me the most at this point was the inherent design drawbacks in system cooling. Here the standard box cases are, again, adequate. They rely on convection and usually an intake and exhaust fan (or more) cycling air through the system, exchanging fresh air for heated air. The downside of this system is that it doesn’t really control where the air is directed, and in most cases you end up with a lot of localized hot spots within the case because they do not have direct airflow. This allows for certain components to run hotter and, as a result, be less stable in a highly stressed system and more prone to failure.

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