Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday February 01, 2016

5 Reasons The Division Is Best Played On PC

Obviously we are going to say everything is better on the PC, but I honestly think these guys did a pretty good job explaining why The Division will be best played on the PC.

When Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six Siege were first announced, the term ‘bullshot’ was used to describe the initial high fidelity gameplay reveals compared to the less-pretty final results. With The Division’s Snowdrop engine, the initial engine-feature videos look a lot like what I’ve played on PC. Sure, the destructibility has been toned down somewhat as it relates to some of the bigger explosions, but I’ve been consistently impressed with the dynamic lighting, the ways in which the weather impacts gameplay (specifically snowstorms) and just how pretty, overall, Massive’s faithful recreation of New York City looks.