Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday January 23, 2016

JEDEC Publishes GDDR5X Specifications

JEDEC, the major semiconductor engineering trade organization that sets standards for DRAM, has finalized the specification for GDDR5X, which will feature double the bandwidth of GDDR5 with lower power consumption.

As opposed to a 32 Bit wide memory access of GDDR5, the GDDR5X supports 64 Bit wide (double the prefetch) memory access, theoretically doubling the memory bandwidth. Keep in mind however that voltages will remain exactly the same. Although the foot print or the real estate taken by the memory (something which was one of the problems associated with GDDR5), on the card itself, will halve in size آ– thanks to the fact that Micron has managed to double the density of GDDR5.