Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday January 20, 2016

Reliability Ranks #1 As Most Important Factor In Enterprise Storage Purchasing

According to Western Digital Corporation’s 2nd annual global survey of CIOs and IT decision makers, reliability trumps cost when it comes to making data-storage purchasing decisions as organizations leverage data to drive growth, profitability and shareholder value. According to the survey, reliability of data storage systems outranks cost as the most important strategic consideration for 2016, indicating how price sensitivity has given way to the importance of protecting and gleaning insight from data.

A full 85% of the respondents recognize the positive impact data can have on their bottom line, but are playing catch-up as 55% admit they are not yet storing all the data necessary for long-term business success. To address this, 74% of the IT decision makers are growing cold storage and archiving capacity, while 81% are investing in data analytics to prioritize infrastructure investments and mine internal data assets. The survey also shows that cloud infrastructure budget and build-out initiatives have increased in order to better store and access the growing trove of data.