Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday January 19, 2016

ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series Round 3 Set to Kick Off

The last round of the ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series 2015 (beginning of 2016) is about to kick off. Get your gear ready to compete for great kudos and prizes! Started a year ago, the ROG OC Showdown overclocking competition was created for any overclocker whether a newbie or seasoned pro. Five competitions already passed, and today we are announcing the last round of the Extreme Series. Compared to the Formula Series, the Extreme series doesn’t have any cooling limitations. Ice cubes, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, liquid heliumآ… you can use whatever cooling you like to reach the maximum performance, if anyone wants to OC in space we’d like to see the results!

At the completion of the competition, all the overclockers from the three rounds of the Extreme Series will be evaluated and given an overall ranking will be established. The top overclockers from Elite League and the Extreme League, who have accumulated the most points in their respective leagues will be crowned Champions of the ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series 2015.