Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday January 15, 2016

Nerds! Is A Broadway Musical About Steve Jobs And Bill Gates

A musical dot-comedy (yes, that says dot-comedy) about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? How is this thing not sold out already? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the undisputed titans of technology, they were NERDS. Join America’s favorite garage inventors on a hilarious musical journey from the floppy disc era to the iPhone phenomenon, and the epic competition in between, that would revolutionize modern culture as we know it. Fittingly, the production will feature the most progressive technology seen on Broadway, including: on-stage holograms; projection mapping; and an enhanced theatergoing experience through app integrations that allow users to interact with the set and other audience members, choose the show’s ending, and more special features soon to be announced.