Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday January 13, 2016

Accelerating AI with GPUs: A New Computing Model

Deep-learning breakthroughs have sparked the AI revolution. Machines powered by AI deep neural networks solve problems too complex for human coders. They learn from data and improve with use. The same DNN can be trained by even non-programmers to solve new problems. Progress is exponential. Adoption is exponential. And we believe the impact to society will also be exponential. A recent study by KPMG predicts that computerized driver assistance technologies will help reduce car accidents 80% in 20 years آ— that’s nearly 1 million lives a year saved. Deep-learning AI will be its cornerstone technology.

The impact to the computer industry will also be exponential. Deep learning is a fundamentally new software model. So we need a new computer platform to run it آ— an architecture that can efficiently execute programmer-coded commands as well as the massively parallel training of deep neural networks. We are betting that GPU-accelerated computing is the horse to ride. Popular Science recently called the GPU "the workhorse of modern A.I." We agree.