Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 07, 2016

Fastest Skylake CPU Frequency 7007.85 MHz On Maximus VIII Gene

Der8auer along with Dancop, both German overclockers achieved the fastest CPU frequency on a Skylake motherboard using a Maximus VIII Gene. They reached 7007.85 MHz for CPU frequency! To be able to reach this frequency, they first had to go a long binning process to find this golden chip. Then, once they found the most powerful ones آ– reach around 4.8 GHz on air cooling آ– they were able to put it on cold. -190آ°C later, they achieved 7007.85 MHz! Surpassing the previous score of 6998.88 MHz. Dancop also worked hard to celebrate 2016, he claimed four World Records (WR) and one Global First Place (GFP)! Well done!

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