Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday January 04, 2016

New 3D Printed Ceramics That Withstand 2,500آ°F

Researchers have developed a new way of 3D printing ceramic that makes objects created with the new process able to withstand temperatures of 2,500آ°F.

By developing a new printable resin made of "preceramic polymers", HRL seems to have hit upon a ceramic 3D printing method which sidesteps the common pitfalls associated with ceramic 3D printing. Typical techniques for 3D printing ceramics cannot produce particularly complex parts, with prints often susceptible to cracks and fractures. Most ceramic 3D printers are also limited to "oxide ceramic materials" with low melting points. Because of the precise stereolithography process used, HRL can 3D print dense and durable ceramic parts, resistant to the highest temperatures.